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Brushstrokes Interviews Pixie

Age: 24
Height: 5'4
Bust: 34C
Waist: 25
Hips : 34
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair color : blonde
Eye color : blue
Birthday : October 1982
Hometown : A small town in Jersey
Relationship Status: Attached

When I used to drive from NYC to Philadelphia to visit friends, Jersey was well, in the way. The object was to get past Newark (who in the name of God wants to be in Newark anyway) and past the rolling farms of Western Jersey as quickly as possible. Our next model makes me wish I stopped in the farm towns out there on occasion because if the girls out there are anything like her I missed out! Please welcome Amber Pixie Wells! Her Blue Piercing eyes and blonde curls graces our pages today for the Spanking Model Spotlight

Brushstrokes: Pixie, Can you tell me the story on how you got into the business and decided to become a Spanking Model?
Pixie: I knew that I had a high pain threshold from spankings I had received for play and discipline and had considered trying out as a spanking model for a couple of years. The only problem was, it seemed that every company I could find was located thousands of miles from where I live. Finally after posting on a spanking discussion board, a couple members told me to get in touch with David Pierson of spreview about finding a local company or one that would be willing to work with an out of state model. After corresponding by email for a few weeks, David asked if I would be up for doing a shoot with him in Philadelphia as he was thinking of producing his own content. I jumped at the chance and the rest is history.

Brushstrokes: Can you tell me about your first spanking scene, Who was it for, had you ever been spanked before?
Pixie: My first real spanking scene was about a year and a half ago now with David and the content was being produced for Spanking Online. While I had been spanked before, I hadn't been in front of a camera much before and was terrified. David thought I was scared of the spanking itself and went very easy on me for the first couple of scenes. Eventually I got up the nerve to tell him he needed to spank me harder so that all of my yelps and kicking would be 100% genuine. That's all it took and suddenly canes, hairbrushes, and paddles were flying at lightning speed toward my bottom. We did quite a few scenes that day and my butt was incredibly hot and sore (I actually sat on ice packs on my ride home), but the spankings did wonders to calm my nerves. I guess when you're totally focused on the pain in your rear, you can't be too worried about the camera staring at you.

Brushstrokes: Is there anything you do to prepare yourself before a scene?
Pixie: I try to put myself into the character the scene calls for as much as possible. I think about the role I'm to play and what infraction I have committed this time and imagine how I would naturally react in that situation. It helps me to go into the scene with more confidence as naturally I'm a pretty shy girl.

Brushstrokes: Pixie, I've seen some of your videos you have done with David. Does he spank harder then you're used to?
Pixie: David definitely spanks hard and is known to have a very stingy hand, but even before I started modeling I played and was disciplined hard. I discovered I had a very high pain tolerance level after being in a DD relationship where my butt was often sore and marked up.

Brushstrokes: Now you just released Pixie's Fantasies which you wrote and directed! Can you tell me about the transition from actress to director?
Pixie: When I first started working with David and Eric for Punished Brats, I was too shy and intimidated to offer many suggestions or scene ideas. Over time I saw that it really was a collaborative effort and that I wouldn't be laughed at for sharing my thoughts. These days we all contribute to both the writing and directing of scenes. Pixie's Fantasies was special to me because it portrayed scenes played out the way I would rewrite stories to include spankings even as a kid.

Brushstrokes: Be honest, where did David get those funny sunglasses in Virtual CP.
Pixie: The idea and the sunglasses from Virtual CP came from the creative mind of Eric Blair-Brown, our partner, writer, editor, and camera man! I'm not sure if they're a pair that he actually owns himself or if he purposely got them to have a bit of fun with David.

Brushstrokes: You have worked with Dallas, Some of the spankings I have seen him give have looked HARD. Is that really the case? Is it as painful as it looks on film?
Pixie: Oh yes. Dallas is a fantastic guy but when it comes to spanking, he is all business and his spankings are as advertised. H-A-R-D - Hard!! He has hands that feel like paddles and then when he gets hold of a real paddle or strap, watch out! I cried through nearly the entire shoot I did with him, but not just from the pain. He has a way of getting inside my head and letting me know that I'm being punished for real which gets me crying fast.

Brushstrokes: Has there ever been a time you had to stop the shooting because of the intensity of the spanking? Can you tell me about it?
Pixie: During a shoot with another company, I called a cut because the scene was very intense. I was supposed to be playing a stuck up, rich, tough girl, but I was a bucket of tears that day. When the scenes turned a bit dark, the mental aspect combined with the pain of the spanking caused me to burst into tears very easily. I called a cut as I thought I wasn't supposed to cry so much and needed a minute to put myself back together.

Brushstrokes: What is your favorite implement?
Pixie: I don't think I can choose just one. I mean, I like the hand because it's always at the ready, a good belt or strap is somewhere between a sting and thud, which I prefer , and the cane can leave such nice marks if executed well.

Brushstrokes: What is your least favorite implement?
Pixie: I'm not very fond of crops or floggers. Not because of how they feel, but because I prefer the more traditional homestyle implements.

Brushstrokes: Who is your favorite Spanker?
Pixie: I don't think I can pick a favorite. Clare Fonda, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Dallas, John Ryan, Richard Windsor, and of course David - I've really enjoyed working with each of them and since they each have their own unique style it's impossible to choose! I'm not very good at making choices, am I. I'm such a Libra.

Brushstrokes: Do you prefer M/F or F/F spankings?
Pixie: Honestly, I don't have a preference. For me it's not so much about the gender of the spanker as long as he or she has a commanding presence. If I get butterflies in my tummy nervously anticipating the spanking I'm due, then I know it will be a good scene.

Brushstrokes: What is your favorite spanking position and least if you have one.
Pixie: My favorite is probably OTK as I believe it is with a lot of spanking enthusiasts. Even though your bottom is being spanked, there is a bit of comfort and caring in being held in that position. My least favorite is legs over head (diaper) position. It's so exposing and leaves rather sensitive bits and pieces way too likely to be accidentally smacked.

Brushstrokes: Believe it or not I do have some female readers, Can you give any advice to any women thinking about getting into the industry?
Pixie: Know your limits and stick to them. Safety has to come first. Always be sure you're comfortable doing any of the scenes you're offered, because once they're done and out there, there's no going back. And if getting into the industry is something you're serious about, if you have the heart and the will, you can find a way.

Brushstrokes: Do you have any special projects in the works?
Pixie: Yes, we're having Chelsea Pfeiffer out for a special shoot in November. I'm so looking forward to it. I've wanted to work with her again since the Space Girls shoot we did for CPE last year. Chelsea is a lot of fun both on and off camera so this is sure to be a blast. There is a scene that Eric has had in mind for me to do with Chelsea for some time now in the hopes that one day she'd come out to Philly to work with us. I don't want to give too much away, but it's going to be cool. I'm as nervous as I am excited as it requires a lot of dialogue spoken directly to the viewer and as I've said before, I'm still a bit camera shy.

Brushstrokes: Do you watch any other spanking models? Do you admire one in particular?
Pixie: I really admire Leia-Ann Woods. She is not only an amazing talent, but also super intelligent and a warm, genuine person. I had a lot of fun hanging out with her while snowed in at the hotel after our shoot together last winter and working with her on set was something special.

Brushstrokes: Are you spanked by your significant other in your personal life? Did he know you were a spanking star before you started dating? How did you explain it to him?
Pixie: I am playfully spanked by my boyfriend (not a DD relationship as I've been in before). When we first met he didn't know I was a spanking model, but I told him very early on. The second date in fact. I wanted to be completely honest and upfront with him rather than to try to hide something that is such a big part of my life or lie about where I am when doing shoots. Being a (now former) vanilla, he was a bit shocked and didn't know what to make of it at first. We talked for a long time about what I do as a spanking model and once he felt assured that nothing goes on other than straight spanking he was very accepting. And once he saw my collection of schoolgirl uniforms and other costumes, he became even more interested.

Brushstrokes: Most people in the business say that their interest in spanking started at a very early age. Is this true for you as well?
Pixie: Definitely. I can remember looking up the word 'spank' in the dictionary for kicks and being thrilled if there was a spanking on a TV show or in a book. I didn't understand why I found this so intriguing and was embarrassed, sure that I was the only one and there was something wrong with me. How wrong I was. I must say though, that while I enjoyed watching, reading, or thinking about spanking, actually receiving one was something I tried to avoid at all costs back then.

Brushstrokes: Has your family and friends been supportive in your movie career?
Pixie: My family doesn't know what I do ... hopefully it will stay that way! Most of my friends know and are indeed supportive. At first they were concerned for my safety, but now that they have a better understanding of it all, they are happy as long as it's something I enjoy. They also seem to enjoy getting to make spanking jokes at my expense.

Brushstrokes: So when you're not running your website and one of the top models in the spanking industry what to you like to do?
Pixie: I love playing outdoors - hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, rollerblading, you name it. I also enjoy playing piano, drawing, and baking.

Brushstrokes: So what's in the future for Amber Pixie Wells?
Pixie: Hard to say for certain. I'm currently working on redoing the preview section of the website and hope to keep making improvements and advancements in the design. Also working on putting together a series of scenes with a twist to them; not quite a Pixie's Fantasies 2, but scenarios that aren't necessarily based on the standard premises. Of course if costumes are involved, all the better. I love any excuse to dress up. :

Brushstrokes: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Pixie: Thanks for believing in a shy girl from a little cow town in Jersey.

You can find Pixie at

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